Michael Wade Nance v. Warden, Georgia Diagnostic Prison

Michael Wade Nance v. Warden, Georgia Diagnostic Prison, No. 17-15361 (April 30, 2019) Reviewing a petitioner’s § 2254 motion, the Court held that the state court’s rejection of petitioner’s ineffective claim was objectively reasonable since trial counsel’s decision to refrain from presenting certain mitigation evidence at death penalty sentencing was a strategic decision. The Court…

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Sumnar Brewster v. Gary Hetzel

Sumnar Brewster v. Gary Hetzel, Attorney General, State of Alabama, 2019 WL 272835 (January 22, 2019) The Court reversed the district court’s denial of petitioner’s § 2254 motion, finding that petitioner received ineffective assistance of counsel when trial counsel failed to object or move for a mistrial after the court coerced a deadlocked jury into…

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