Lawsuit against Southwest Airlines

TRANSCRIPT: Carol: A survivor passenger of a fatal engine explosion on the Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 is now suing the airline and the makers of the engine. The victim says she’s suffering from severe post-traumatic stress from the incident and has personal injuries to her body. As you know, Jennifer Riordan was killed when the…

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Alton Sterling Shot by Police

Our firm has successfully pursued cases against police departments, city agencies, and police officers in matters involving police brutality or excessive force and are frequently contacted to evaluate these types of cases. When these cases appear in the news, Attorney Page Pate is often contacted by media outlets to provide an analysis. In this case,…

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Lawyer Seeks Deposition of Trump

TRANSCRIPT: Brianna: And joining me now, we have CNN Legal Analyst Page Pate, he’s a criminal defense attorney and constitutional lawyer, and CNN Politics Senior Writer, Juana Summers. So Page, in this motion to depose that was filed this morning, Michael Avenatti outlines his legal argument. In it he cites Clinton versus Jones, it’s, of…

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