Crime Victim Representation

Our firm has an extraordinary record of successfully representing victims of crime and helping them recover significant monetary damages from the people responsible for their injuries.

Our victims’ rights attorneys will speak for you with the police, prosecutors, courts, and news media to protect your rights and insure that justice is done. We guide our clients through the confusing and frustrating maze of the criminal justice system and zealously advocate for their interests.

Although the criminal justice system is geared toward punishment for the convicted criminal, and not necessarily compensation for the victim, our firm has been able to help our clients recover substantial damages for their injuries. In cases involving negligent businesses or wealthy defendants, we act quickly and aggressively to secure restraining orders and injunctions seizing money and other assets. Many times, we will also file civil lawsuits to collect restitution and other damages that have not been recovered in the criminal case.

Our victims’ rights lawyers also pursue apartment owners, hotel companies, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and other businesses that have inadequate security or have otherwise cut corners in such a way that they allow more crimes to occur on their property. We have also held employers accountable for the criminal acts of their employees when those employees were improperly screened or negligently supervised.

Although we have represented victims of many different criminal acts, most of our cases involve the representation of crime victims who have suffered injuries as a result of:

If you have been injured because you were the victim of a crime, you need an aggressive attorney to help you pursue justice, punish the offender and recover damages for your injuries. Contact our firm to discuss your case with an Atlanta trial lawyer who is well-versed in Georgia criminal law and has years of experience in protecting the rights of crime victims. There is no fee for the initial consultation.